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As we all know, Rolex watch, well-known Swiss watch, is pursued by an increasingly number of people. Rolex Air-King Watch, a series of Rolex watch Replica, is greatly notable among the Rolex watch as well. Not only is it with sapphire crystal, but also it has solid caseback with Rolex hologram sticker.

What's more, the Rolex Air-King is a "time-only" watch that Rolex has offered since 1945. It was named by Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf, who wanted to honor the British Royal Air Force that was so highly regarded after returning from their missions in the 1930s. Rolex at one point offered an entire line of "Air" models, yet only the Air King remains. At 34 mm in diameter, it is the smallest watch in the Rolex family of men's watches. When a number of men today would scoff at a 34-mm wristwatch, the Oyster case adds a beefiness to the piece that makes it appear larger.

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