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Now we have another in-depth review of the replica watches at our website from our friend Troy. He has a lot to say, thus I’ll just leave it to him! I’ve broken the review up into two parts – here’s the first and the second is coming soon.

“I know what everyone must be thinking. Another stellar review of our website, we get it, they’re “perfect”. In brief, are they good? Yes. Are they great? Yeah, pretty much. Are they perfect? At the end of the day we’re dealing with counterfeit watches there has to be a little give and take but at this point I’ll say they’re kind of perfect.

Replica Rolex Datejust 36mm Watches

Over a three month span, I’ve made three separate purchases. You perhaps ask if you’re not sure if you like them why keep coming back? Well again, we’re operating in the land of counterfeits. We can’t be too picky right? If you want the real thing, you need to spend the money it takes to get the real thing. After all, I’ll try to be as thorough and honest as possible.

After reading the numerous positive reviews and visiting this website often debating whether to take a chance on a purchase, I decided to go for it in the end. I went with Rolex DateJust 36mm Replica Watches. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t want to have something that everyone else has. In thinking of replicas, I thought if I buy something different then would anyone be able to tell if it’s a fake?

On first look this is a gorgeous looking watch. The first time my wife saw it she says “Wow that looks expensive”. After my excitement subdued, I started looking at the cheap rolex datejust 36mm fake watch more closely. I first noticed the bracelet was loose in that the ends didn’t seem flush with the face. It looked like the pins were bent. Thankfully, I had a couple of pins to test my theory. Sure enough, the pins were bent. I put 2 new pins in and presto, the bracelet is still loose. Not the end of the world as I have not had an issue or worry about the bracelet coming apart. Secondly, the dial marker at the “10” is a little off center. Nobody can notice this unless you’re staring at it closely but you can tell.

Actually, it runs about a minute fast every week or so. I could get it adjusted but I don’t have a jeweler. I figured if I took it somewhere, they’d refuse service thanks to it’s a fake. Probably I’m over thinking it, I’m sure they’ll take my money despite I might have to hear their opinions.

Further, I wore this Replica Rolex DateJust 36mm Watches for a while and even received multiple compliments from people but there was something that just didn’t look right every time I wore it. I’m sure you’ve noticed at this point, it’s the crown. It’s too big. The crown on this one is similar to the crowns on a Submariner. It just makes the watch look off and not enjoyable to wear. Moreover, I’m a sporty guy but I’m drawn to dressier watches. I guess I like the classy look but at the end of the day, it’s not me. The watch is back in the box in my closet. I plan on giving it to my buddy that loves my hand-me-downs since most of the time you can’t even tell I’ve used the item.”

Thanks so much Troy! Stay tuned for part two, coming soon…

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