A Week On The Wrist The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Reference 7922R Swiss Replica Watches

Wearing the Tudor Black Bay for a week has been a very interesting experience — that is really the first watch I have ever had in for review in which the crown tube was the key to understanding the allure of the watch as a whole. Strange but true, I found the crown tube bewitching, compelling, and even intimate — and thereby hangs a tale.

It’s one which, as we related when we seen the watch in 2012 and reported back to you on it, started many years ago when the first Tudor Submariner diver’s watches were first released all the way back in 1954 (hot on the heels of the superior remembered Rolex¬†heritage department replica watches Sub and Blancpain 50 Fathoms; it sounds unfair given its ancient birth date which the Tudor Sub is not more often mentioned in the same breath as the other two, as a pioneering diver’s view , but life isn’t anything if not unjust ). Anyway, that watch inspired several elements of today’s Black Bay — the configuration of the lume plots, and overall look and feel of the situation and the crown come from the lines of the vintage Tudor Submariner, which in turn contrasts its overall appearance in the Rolex heritage submariner replica watches .

An interesting point to think about is that the very first Tudor Submariner, the reference 7923, was sent to the ungentle hands of the general public just 1 year following the Rolex Submariner¬†24 heritage exhibition fake watch; reference 7923 came out in 1954 (and has been fitted with a hand-wound motion, the very first self-winding Tudor Sub, together with the legend,”Rotor Self-Winding” on the dial, came out in 1956, and in most respects its particulars are found in the Black Bay, for instance, massive crown, and lack of crown guards.

As people pointed out ad nauseam and ad infinitum (but to be fair, correctly) when the Black Bay first came out, it’s not actually based on a single vintage model and if the Tudor Sub is still one parent, then the other is that the 1968″Snowflake” Tudor Submariner, so known because of its very distinctively shaped hour and seconds hands. While the very fact that the Black Bay didn’t replicate any one vintage model just drew some fire from vintage enthusiasts initially, at this point it’s pretty clear that it was never meant to be a direct copy, but rather, a contemporary incarnation (so to speak) of their spirit.

There’s a fantastic feeling of devotion to good build quality as well — that seems like a very solidly built tool watch which will fit into a very active life and will get better with age. Hand-setting is actually fun, as a result of the big crown (as is hand-winding, if you’re inclined to do this ) and also the bezel is enjoyable to function too (it creates one of the loudest clicks I’ve ever heard on a dive watch, incidentally; maybe Tudor supposed it as a submarine signaling system if you’re in trouble in murky water and will need to sign your friend. Jason Heaton will understand. )

It may seem a minor detail but it is proof of a level of thought and a desire to produce a fantastic layout that cannot be seen in several watches which are much, much more expensive and it makes one feel as one wants to when one has as personal a connection as one can with an eye on one’s wrist: as if in the opposite end of the distribution chain is a human being who cares about the same things that you do.