Job X Designs”Stealth” Customized Rolex Submariner High End Clone Watch

Since the media is on the subject, I will devote this article to Charlie Sheen. More especially Charlie Sheen in the film Platoon — because this collection of watches from Job X Designs looks precisely like something his personality could have worn out in Platoon. See how well that works out? And since we understand Charlie Sheen is a big time watch buff (and warlock), he’d have probably thankfully worn these (good actor playing solider wears good watch behaving to be soldiers’ watch). This watch is Project X Designs’latest Rolex explorer 2 stealth flame replica watches mod called the Stealth Mk. III and Mk. IV. Which means there ought to happen to be a Mark I and II before it.

I wrote about Project X Designs here. As you remember, they have no connection with Rolex explorer 2 setting time stealth replica , but instead take new Rolex timepieces and execute different alterations on them. The results are generally quite cool. Rolex modifiers are pretty common, but people who do this well are rare. The Job X Stealth watches are supposed to hearken back into military Rolex explorer orange stealth fake Submariner (Mil-Sub) watches, and they seem really kick-ass. Awful worn-torn Vietnam could have been just a little better with one of these… do not you think?

The Mark III watch is in steel with a black ceramic bezel insert. The dial has also been modified a bit. The Mark IV version is in most black steel and is amazing looking. The Stealth watches is derived from khaki green NATO straps, and cause you to feel like like a modern day Charlie Sheen. Wait , a Platoon age Charlie Sheen. Yea, that makes more sense. Come to think about it, I think Charlie Seen should spend more time speaking about his passion for watches. He is mad and possibly a bit demented, but through it all, he still frikkin loves watches!

Project X Designs provides only 28 pieces of each of those watches. Costs for the 28 pieces in the Stealth Mark III set is 8,750 British Pounds per watch, although the Stealth Mark IV is 9,950 British Pounds per watch. Pricey yes, but those are very limited and of a very high quality. In case you want one that you need to go to Project X Designs’ web site.