New: Stealth — MK III & IV Luxury Fake Watches

The new STEALTH series of contemporary watches personalized with subtle styling details & practical enhancements to make an exclusive, enigmatic, understated’STEALTH’ collection, using a recurring impact in the legendary British Army SBS.

Restricted to just 28 numbered examples per layout, every case back of the’STEALTH’ series will feature a version on the SBS’Frog, Paddle and Parachute’ Insignia and the motto’By Power & Guile’.

Employing the newest larger case of the Rolex daytona stealth titan black mk iii replica watch Submariner Ceramic Date, the custom layout attributes & subtle styling of this’STEALTH MK III’ create the ideal watch for daylight operations. Featuring our unique’Crown Guard’ +’Cyclops’ removal variation, to provide a cleaner classic silhouette & respectful homage to Connery’s 1950s Bond Submariner. The anti-reflective lace case end, MATT Black-out Bezel and’STEALTH’ inscribed Maxi Dial, generates a trendy aesthetic combined with enhanced durability. Presented to a G10 NATO strap is secured by Military fixed bars bars, installed with the original tooling methods located on the 1970s vintage Army troubles. The’STEALTH’ MK III will be offered in a limited numbered edition of just 28 examples.

In the lack of product positioning in the present films the’STEALTH’ MK IV is the opinion James Bond a former SBS operative himself, would truly be sporting.

The MATT Black Carbon coated instance and MATT Black-Out Numerals of this Ceramic Bezel create a really brutal image, dressed on a’Reed’ Green G10 Military NATO strap encouraged by Military fixed bars, made to withstand the rigors of the most hostile environments, the STEALTH MK IV conveys the new’STEALTH’ title on dial & case backagain.