Rolex Cellini Date High Quality Replica Watch New For 2018 Hands-On

From the 3 new for 2018 Rolex Cellini apparel watches, an argument could be made that the Rolex Cellini Date versions are perhaps the most visually pleasing. Sure, the Rolex cellini date replica watch review Cellini Time (which only indicates the time) is clean and simple making for an easy choice, and also the Cellini Dual Time offers a excellent travel watch for people who prefer to pack a tuxedo in their luggage, but also the Cellini Date mixes the gorgeous aesthetic of Rolex’s new guilloche machine engraved dial with all the practicality of a date indicator.

I can not remember the last time Rolex displayed the date via a dial up versus a disk at a window. In reality, Rolex devised the notion of the date calendar window watch with the first Datejust. If you would like something a little more complicated for formal apparel and understanding the date is still useful for you, then the Rolex Cellini Date is a very attractive offering. The date dial helps add character to what could otherwise be just a three-hand face. The extra bit of advice takes this dial to some deeper”horological zone” which makes it fitting for those who wish to acquire the Rolex cellini date blue replica watches Cellini Date not as their only timepiece, but as an addition to a varied group of quality watches.

Rolex’s new 39mm wide Cellini case combines elements of its classic watch set with the universally popular Oyster case. It does nevertheless bear a very slim version of the Oyster’s fluted bezel that adds another awareness of Rolex cellini date 50515 imitation DNA into the collection.

At 39mm broad, I feel that the Cellini case combines grace and contemporary proportions at a satisfying way that feels too big or too small. Contrary to the broader lugs on many Oyster Professional watches such as the Submariner, the lugs on the Cellini case taper more allowing for a more diminutive fit on the wrist. It feels like only a couple of years ago nearly all Rolex watches came only on a metal bracelet. Now, with bits like the Rolex Cellini we are becoming aware of a larger focus on incorporating straps to Rolex cellini date rose gold clone watch wearing experience.

What exactly does a Rolex dress watch have to do? I asked myself this issue whilst wondering about the target market to your updated Cellini set during Baselworld 2018 when we obtained the capability to check out the models hands-on with Rolex. Though the Datejust and Day/Date models aren’t strictly speaking dress watches, they’ve become de facto dress watches over the last few decades. With different collections of watches which people like to wear with suits and formal attire, what is the part of the Cellini?

Like the also new Rolex Cellini Double Time watch, the Rolex  cellini date everose gold replica Cellini Date includes a beautiful guilloche engraved dial that’s available in either silver or black. The foundation Cellini Time watch includes a simpler lacquered dial. Every one of those dial colors is available with either the 18k white or Everose gold (a special 18k rose gold metal that Rolex leaves ) case, which adds a welcome selection and level of consumer choice. In reality, with three distinct Rolex Cellini models, each forthcoming in different case materials and dial colours, Rolex has released a total of 12 brand new Cellini models for 2018. That is actually quite a bit when you think about how slowly Rolex normally releases new versions and adds variants to existing collections.

Going back to my original question of who this watch is aimed toward satisfying, I think I have some suggestions. As we mentioned when we initially introduced the Rolex Cellini Time version, Rolex is intent on supplying a tuxedo-style formal watch in a space they have previously not had a lot to offer. Rolex is taking on some of the competition accessible manufacturers at teams like Swatch or Richemont who more or less have mastered when it comes to formal watch attire until now. Rolex’s sheer market power and availability will make the Cellini model a strong competitor for those seeking to own a very”classic” wrist watch. We’ll observe how Rolex continues to grow in this region in the years to come.