Rolex Day-Date 36mm Swiss Movement Replica Watches Hands-On

As we previously announced, Rolex introduced new Rolex Day-Date watches for 2013 in Baselworld. Unfortunatelythey did not provide them unique names (besides the reference amounts ) beyond the standard Rolex Day-Date set, but in our opinion these are special models. When we first saw them in their glorious colors through the windows in the Rolex day date 36mm white gold replica watch booth, we immediately dismissed them as trendy ladies watches. However, after getting a hands on look, we can pretty easily say there is something in here for men and women alike. The Day-Date II view came out a couple of years ago that upped the famed Rolex Day-Date into a 41mm wide, versus 36mm broad case size.

The collection of new colors is really fantastic. Many of these are colors that Rolex has provided in historic models previously, but feel fresh for now. Actually this whole collection of Rolex Day-Date versions is not only a bit retro, but a indication that Rolex day date 36mm green replica is interested in keeping up with fashionable trends. Vintage Rolex watches reside on many wrists, and exactly what many individuals have done to spruce up an old Rolex Day-Date (President) or Datejust is take it off its original bracelet and put it on a strap. While straps Rolex watches aren’t unheard out of the mill, they aren’t entirely common. Think of most present Rolex watches and all of them come on (only) a necklace.

Rolex offering an alligator strap on the Rolex Day-Date is thus a little unique given their present collection. Though I don’t believe the brand, famous for the own bracelets, will change that anytime soon. Though these Rolex¬† day date 36mm yellow gold fake Day-Date models appear fresh and less severe than your typical Rolex fare, being offered only in gold (at least for 2013), they’re certainly high-end models. The new pieces are known as the Rolex Day-Date Blue (118139), Cherry (118139), Chocolate (118135), Rhodium (118135), Green (118138), and Cognac (118138). You may observe that the reference numbers seem to only be different to your case material and not the dial colors strangely enough.

Speaking of cases, the Day-Date Oyster case for 2013 is available in two 18k yellow gold cases, two rose (Rolex’s Everose) golden cases, and 2 white gold cases. No steel, also you are not going to see any steel versions as Rolex just produces the Day-Date in valuable metals. If you want a platinum version in a fantastic color then perhaps all you need to do is wait for a couple of years. I don’t understand if Rolex day date 36mm vs 40mm clone intends to continue with these brilliant creations or if it’s simply an experiment. In regards to playing with color they have largely done so in their woman’s pieces — which of course will be a significant customer of those new Day-Date versions, but I think some men will dig them. In addition to the cases being in gold (and beautiful they are), the hands and hour markers, in addition to the strap’s folding buckles have been at gold.

Inside the 36mm wide Rolex Day-Date is your in-house made Rolex standard 3155 automatic COSC Chronometer certified motion. It sports the time, date, and day of the week (fully spelled out). You naturally have Rolex’s signature cyclops magnifier lens over the day as well. One of my favourite small specifics concerning the Rolex Day-Date dial is usage of Roman numerals on the second scale around the chapter ring. Nice small detail. Rolex¬†day date 36mm rose gold replica also comprises a sort of end-piece style element on the situation so there is a gapless connection between the strap and the case. It’s a minor detail, but one of the reasons that Rolex watches are held in high esteem.

You might not love Rolex, and I certainly don’t all the time, but I give them kudos for offering a lot of refinement and a very reliable sporting encounter. They really do make some of the ideal case and bracelet metal on the market. If you are interested in a first Rolex Day-Date watch since you like the design and fluted bezel, but using a more intriguing color then your timepieces may have only about came. Prices for the 2013 Rolex Day-Date watch is 17,950 Euros in 18k yellow gold and 19,150 Euros in 18k white gold or 18k Everose gold.