Hands-On : What’s The Deal With The Rolex Daytona 6240 Solo Luxury Replica Watch?

The growth of the Rolex daytona panda RCO replica watch Daytona, something considerably discussed here on HODINKEE and, well, pretty much anyplace else in this time, is one of many mysteries. One puzzle to which I have paid some attention to is the so-called”Solo” dials. These watches are Daytonas with dials which have one word on them –“Rolex.” They are curious watches, and if you think that a lot of the dial printing has been completed in steps, so to speak, they do make sense. However, where did they all come out, and about which watches do they belong? I’ll examine that a little here, courtesy of a reference 6240 that made its way across my desk last week.

First, an Individual Must Understand Daytona Dial Evolution
If you have read our Reference Points on the Paul Newman Daytona, you’ll understand that dial printing for the Daytona has been a slow, evolutionary procedure. They began one manner, then, once the title”Daytona” was delegated, developed from there. Then, when the”Oyster” case was provided to Rolex’s brand-name chronograph, they evolved yet again. And this all occurred within a few decades, so oftentimes, you might see a dial which has been born just one way, using one word being added later — like the ones found at the incredibly early Oyster Paul Newmans called the”RCO” or even”Oyster Sottos.” These terms, of course, suggest the term”Oyster” is inserted below the phrases”Rolex daytona panda glod RCO clone watch Cosmograph” as a member of an afterthought.

The”RCO” Daytona Is The Supreme Example Of Daytona Dial Evolution

The world of Daytonas is filled with”missing-link” dials — those who feature a few traits of a certain accepted dial kind and other people from a different — and they very likely could be correct. There are double Swiss dials, double sided Swiss underline dials, and dual T-Swiss-T dials, all within a very small selection of serial numbers, for example.

So What’s Up With The 6240?
I think the early 6239 Double Swiss watches are easily the most fascinating sub-set of all Daytonas out there (read my story on them from way back when here) — back when they were called the LeMans and the concept around which this family would be built was far from fleshed out. However, as an individual mention, the 6240 is intriguing. This is the watch that set the stage to the Daytona because we know it today — with twist pushers and a black bezel. It was the very first”Oyster” Daytona, which is more than meaningful, as waterproofness is a quality that represents all that Rolex  daytona paul newman RCO replica stands for (read my Inside Rolex narrative if you need more on that).

Some development of the dials you see above — courtesy of a great post on the 6240 about Hiroshi Fujiwara’s RingOfColor.com — is the 6240 RCO, of which there are less than 10 understood and if they come up available, they do well. We do see a few 6240s with”ROC” dials, both with T-Swiss-T at the base, or sigma touch , but I’d place these into a slightly less approved category. And should you want a pure 6240, I’d say one of those 2 dials seen over is the way to go. Again, I’m not even saying a 6240 having an ROC style dial is wrong, I simply think that the non-Oyster dials make more sense in those ancient screw-down watches.

Now all full-spec 6240s ought to have the MK1 bezel and MK0 brass pushers seen below — but the vast majority of 6240s have lost one or another. To me, as I said with the ancient 6239’s, there is no use in buying a 6240 unless it features the traits that define it — so minus the MK0 pushers, I’d personally have little interest at a 6240.

We have seen so far that dials can be born with and without different lines of text, particularly in the early 1960s Daytonas. The minimum of Daytona dials is that which you see here — the so-called”Solo” dial. All you need on those dials is that the term”Rolex.” Nothing else. The story goes and the term”narrative” is employed here in the literal sense because, as with almost any old Rolex daytona ceramic RCO fake watch, the firm will neither confirm nor deny the roots of these dials — that the very earliest 6240s could have been born with these dials. The market now takes seeing these Solo dials around 6240s with serial numbers in the 1.2 to 1.4 range. They’ve been popping up from time to time for a couple of decades, but few actually paid attention .

The concept of this 6240 Solo was cemented by the successful purchase of one example at the May 2015 Phillips Geneva Watch Auction One sale for a price of 245,000 CHF. Following that, it appears as if the market started to hunt those watches, and we saw more of these surface, at auction and everywhere. Actually, at the time of publishing, there is one available on Chrono24.com, as well as the one featured here within our first photos is also offered. Here is a photo from East Crown, the owner of this view, showing four illustrations of 6240 Solos, although three will be stored separately.

However, does the 6240 Solo make sense? To some it does, others it doesn’t. There is a belief among a few of well regarded dealers and tastemakers that the solo dials were agency dials for 6238s — that is not always something I myself think — why would a monochrome dial with a tacyhmeter scale printed on it be swapped for a two-colored dial with no tachymeter by Rolex? Just doesn’t make sense.

What I really do think, however, is that these dials were initially used in 6239s. In fact, here I more than believe it — I know it, since there’s an genuine Rolex advertisement showing this. In fact, the image over, courtesy of Mr. Goldberger, reveals the advertisement with a Solo Daytona front and centre, available for just $210, which included Federal tax, along with the true watch depicted. Phillips sold an early 6239 Solo dial in Hong Kong without a lot of fan fare(although it had replacement hands and bezel). UPDATE: as a result of some serious sleuthing from Jose Pereztroika, it has come to our attention that the opinion sold by Phillips in HK of 2016 featured a dial that’s been altered. You will read the details of the here.

Now pump pusher watches with specific dials just aren’t as hot as Oyster Daytonas with special dials — that the Paul Newman taught us that. So it is extremely possible that traders, someplace along the way, got the idea of taking such solo dials and dropping them in to 6240 cases. I admit, a 6240 Solo is way sexier than a 6239 Solo. Now do not get me wrong, I am not saying that a 6240 Solo might not have ever been born this way — it is sensible to me. We have to recall how Rolex daytona white gold RCO replica watch worked back then, and how linear, however unregulated their creation and assembly was. When a dial like this was available during assembly and a watchmaker needed a dial, he very easily could have placed one into a 6240 before shipping it out. We simply don’t know anything for certain, so it boils down to exactly what reason tells usand the story behind each individual watch. I have, so far as I knownever heard of an original proprietor 6240 Solo watch (for those who have, and can back up that narrative, leave a comment below, please). I’ve heard of 6263 RCO and 6240 RCO (non-PN) first owner watches, though, so we at least know; and likewise I’ve heard of a 6239 Solo first owner watch being discovered. I really don’t say anything of the to throw doubt on the 6240 — in fact I must admit I find these watches endlessly interesting and enchanting. I am just presenting current thinking on a unique watch — one that sells for above $100,000 — that we are seeing more of in the market area.

The 6240, as I said initially, is a really fascinating watch, and arguably among the most significant references in Rolex’s history. And this small subset of this 6240s from the market is anything but a majority — rather a nuanced, minuscule corner of the vintage Daytona world I happen to find interesting. I totally expect to learn more about 6240 Solos as time continues on and more people become aware of them, and when I do, I will certainly keep this page updated. So my question is today, for you personally, knowing what you know about the 6240 Solo, would you purchase one , say, a Paul Newman? It’s a more interesting choice, in my opinion, and certainly a more frightening one, but until we know making sure that they were born this way, is it too much risk? I do not understand, but I would love to hear from you under about what you think about this watch.