Pro Hunter Introduces The Phantom Collection And The Rolex ‘MK’ High Quality Imitation Watch

Almost a decade before, a watch tag that spoke the inherent language of international watch enthusiasts was launched onto the world stage. It went by the title of Pro Hunter. Originally created for the hunting area, today Pro Hunter is the highly desirable premium manufacturer with an exclusive number of dedicated followers throughout the globe.

Summer 2014 announces the expected Phantom Collection. Features and functions: ultra slick matte finish with black carbon casing, bezel, black pearl, black lume and selection of bracelet or army NATO strap.

Pro Hunter was made by Kamal Choraria, the world’s leading vintage Rolex daytona stealth prezzo mk ii replica watch sports watch dealer. Choraria was the very first watch’academic’ to examine rolex dials so as to ease the manner by which collectors purchase classic Rolex  daytona stealth titan black mk ii replica sports watches. He also created the’MK’ dial classification (MK I, MK II, ETC) which dates vintage Rolexes thus enabling buyers and clients to correctly value each dial and watch. This classiciation process is currently used by all auction houses and Rolex daytona (stealth) titan black dlc / pvd mk ii fake watches traders in the industry. Choraria composed a set of posts which would ultimately become the market standard for collectors and watch enthusiasts all over the world. The specialized know-how and layout details remember Rolex’ golden years; the 1950’s and 60’s, while simultaneously remain loyal to this world-renown new style and history.